I’m so excited to let you know there are a LIMITED number of ARCs ready to go for A Life Without Regrets. If you are new to ARCs, here’s the deal: you get a chance to read the book before anyone else and all you have to do is agree to post reviews on Goodreads as soon as possible and on the major retail sites on release day.
A few things you need to know:
  • Reviews are crucial for overall sales. We need people talking about how much they love the book so others will want to buy it too! If you can’t commit to reviewing, please don’t request an ARC. (Requesting an ARC and failing to leave a review could get you removed from the list of approved ARC recipients.)
  • This is an ebook download. ARC prints aren’t available.
  • Please post your review on Goodreads right away. Other sites won’t allow advanced reviews, so you will need to be ready to copy and paste your review on release day. I’ll share links in the comments to make it easy for you to find where to leave your reviews.
  • Grab some tissues and then click here to download your copy: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/mpq0gmi5e7