“I am so in love with the beautiful series. A box of kleenex will be needed to read this book and there are just no words that will do this book justice, it is heartbreakingly beautiful.”-Netgalley Reviewer

“A Life Without Flowers is a bittersweet, hopeful read that explores forgiveness, understanding, and the process of grief. While the book is full of tragedies and pain, the overall message is one of redemption and love. Five star read!”-Amazon Reviewer

“I could not put this down at all. The emotions run high yet there is this feeling that there is something big coming Carol’s way yet. I’m excited to see where Carol’s journey finally lands her in the next book to come. This book and series needs to be read.”-Top Amazon Reviewer

Healing can take a lifetime…

Twenty-four years after losing her daughter in a tragic accident, Carol Denman has finally made peace with Katie’s father. But releasing her ex-husband from blame and facing how deeply she held herself responsible were only the first steps in Carol’s journey toward peace.

With the pain of her failed first marriage behind her, Carol is determined to mend her broken relationship with her mother. But she soon discovers she isn’t the only one who has been hanging on to bitterness. A road trip to face the past leads Carol’s mother, Judith, to unearth the seeds of past mistakes and deep resentments in ways neither of them would expect.

The roots of family animosity run deep and thick. While Judith seems hesitant to start digging, Carol commits to pruning away the thorns of the past so she no longer has to live a life without flowers.